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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Aur Kuch Khwaab

Ashna Kausar Sardar in her second chapter-- Miraj tughlaq is driving his beautiful long car, in trying to avoid the direct hit with anya malik's car he hits himself , both are total strangers to each other, but each one asks for forgiveness for his careless manner, surprised at their own polite behaviour, anya observes he can"t walk properly and needs assistance, parking her own car in a reserved are, she rings up someone to collect it, she tells miraj that there is no need to bother to pay for damages her car was already vintage, she drives him in his car to the closest hospital for his check up, the doctor thinks they are a married couple, he is advised bed rest for a month, miraj dismisses her as if she was performing her obligatory duties, she turns to leave , both do not know who is who, they were destined to meet just twenty minutes before, they were both so polite and well mannered to each other, usually their tempers are not so mild, rather they were wild, but with each other their chemistry was producing harmonious atmosphere

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